Abubakr Darrag Salim Ahmed

Neurosurgery specialization

Abubakr Darrag Salim Ahmed, completed his M.D clinical surgery from university  of  Khartoum {1997} and M.D  in neurosurgery from Sudanese medical specialization board. He joined the national center for Neurological  sciences  in  November  1997  and  still  working  there. He has published many articles related to spine few among them are mentioned here.

Salim , A.D , Arbab, M.A ,El Hassan ,L.A, ElHassan, A.M. . Schistosomiasis of the  spinal cord: reportof  5 cases from  Sudan EMHJ. 2012;18(3):294-297.

Salim , A.D. Spine care in  Sudan . WScj.2012:(3):60-63.

Neglected hydrocephalus with myelomeningocele causing sever bilateral lower extremities deformities . journal of neurology and neuroscience. Vol. 4 No. 2:1 doi: 10.3823/33

Pattern of  Spinal  compression  {Thesis} university  of Khartoum 1996 .

Pattern of Spinal compression  { Extension } Pan Arab  medical  conference Khartoum 1998 .

Five years  experience  with Spinal compression in national  center for Neurological sciences .  First  conference  of  Sudanese  society  of Neurological sciences Khartoum 2001.

Fluid control in traumatic brain edema . Second conference  of  Sudanese  society  of Neurological sciences Khartoum 2008.

Spinal schistosomiasis. 6th Pan Arab spine conference and 1st  Yemeni neurosurgical conference Yemen Sanaa 11-13 October 2008 .

Functional evaluation of patients with lumbosacral disc prolapse after endoscopic discectomy 2nd Middle East Neurosurgical Symposia” Egypt Cairo from 26-28.January .2011

Spinal cord  Schistosomiasis medical or surgical treatment, 2nd Middle East Neurosurgical Symposia” Egypt Cairo from 26-28.January .2011

His professional experiences are as follows


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