Speed Control of DC Motor using Voice Commands

Mathurri Sai T, Ramadevi C, Indhumathi R, Keerthi Kumar S

1,3PG student, CIE department, St.Joseph’s College of Engineering, India;
2Assistant professor, St.Joseph’s College of Engineering, India;
4UG Scholar, Sathyabama University, Chennai, India.
It is hard to work in hazardous environment in many of the industries. Human can survive only certain amount of temperature, pressure etc. To work in environment above a range will cause threat to human life. In steal plants and mines there will be loss every year. To overcome this huge loss voice control was developed. There are numerous techniques for speed control. Using voice as input control will reduce the manual operation. Remote Voice Control and Security System (RVCS) were used. It can control ON/OFF of a motor by using GSM speed can be controlled by a person even from a remote place in this world by giving appropriate command using a mobile phone. GSM and TI TMS C6713 DSP kit will be connected via a audio cable. Using GSM one could contact with the hardware location. For security purpose voice should be authenticated before being controlled. There must be a speech recognition system to provide authentication and for decoding the voice there must be a verification system. Software programming is done through ANSIC in code composer studio platform.

Download (PDF, 244KB)

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