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Mohammad Ferdows

Department of Mathematics & Statistics and Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University, USA. Research Interests: Mathematical Modeling of Boundary Layer Flows Mathematical Modeling of Fluid Mechanics including Mathematics of Porous Media, Chemically reacting fluid flow, Heat and Mass transport, Micropolar. Modeling and Simulation


Srijita Dutta, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Bengal School of Technology, Sugandha, Chuchura, India. Research accomplishments:  Review article published on “AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND HEALTH RESEARCH ( 2015, Volume 3, Issue 2, ISSN: 2321-3647(online)” on the topic “SUVOREXANT, NOVEL DUAL

Recent Progress on Transfection by using Nanotechnology Nanomedicines

Nanotechnology offers great advancements to medicine. There is still a lot to be learned about the human body and nanotechnology offers a lot of help. It helps for Target Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS) and also get therapeutic response and against

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