Monthly Archives: March 2017

Role of CBCT in dental caries detection; a systematic review.

Walid S Salem*, Mohamed Moustafa Awad**, Mohamed Almuhaizaa** *Oral Surgery and diagnostic science Department, College of Dentistry, Prince Sattam bin AbduAziz University, KSA; **Conservative dental sciences department, College of Dentistry, Prince Sattam bin AbduAziz University, KSA. All the studies included

Effects of silicon-nanoparticles in suppression of electron recombination in TiO2 based dye-sensitized solar cell

Idriss Bedja*, Ravindra Kumar Gupta Using electrochemical etching of silicon wafers, silicon nanoparticles (Si-np) with average size of 13 nm were synthesized and coated on mesoporous TiO2 surface. We present, here, for the first time, preliminary results of nanosecond transient

Sorting and chocolate: How to evaluate severe intellectual disabilities in adults?

D’Armi N*, Giuliani F For the purposes of not underestimating the cognitive abilities of adults living with a several intellectual disabilities, we developed a cognitive evaluation tool adapted to these individuals. Within this framework, we will first present our test

Effects of Political and Community Violence on Mental Health of Adolescence in Gaza Strip.

El-Kahlout Ahmed Mohammed1, Thabet AA2* 1MCMH, Ministry of Health, Gaza, Palestine; 2Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Al Quds University, School of Public Health, Child Institute-Gaza PO Box 5314, Palestine. Published Date: March 06, 2017 Copyright: © 2017 El-Kahlout

Music and Dementia Care: Future Possibilities

Nils de Mol van Otterloo*, Sudhir Kumar CT Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and related disorders care is limited by the nature and  course of the disease, the resources available to families that are affected, and the economic limitations that health systems

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