Instructions For Authors

Formats for Tenderfoot Contributions: Tenderfoot publications accepts the following: Research/Reviews/Short communication/Short commentary/Case Reports/Case Study/Survey Report/Thesis/ Projects/ Protocols/Innovative ideas/ Power point presentations/conference proceedings/hypothesis/images/project or seminar videos.

Submit manuscript Email:

Cover Letter: All submissions should be accompanied by a 500 words or less cover letter briefly stating the significance of the their submission and agreement of authors for publication.
Also, include current telephone and fax numbers (not mandatory), as well as postal and E-mail address of corresponding author to maintain communication.
Title: The title should be limited to 25 words or less and should not contain abbreviations. The title should be a brief phrase describing the contents of the submission.

It should be in Times New Roman, font size 14 bold.

Title should be in Title Case.

Author Information: Complete names and affiliation of all authors, including contact details of corresponding author (Telephone, E-mail address).

The remaining text should be in Times New Roman Font size 11, with main headings in bold font size 13 and all subheadings in bold font size 11.

References should be Inline references format.

Example: [1] XXXX YY, AAAA BB, EEEE JJ, et al. (2015). Article title. Journal short name. volume number: page numbers.

After three authors comma followed by et al.

We will send you galley proof of your submission before publication.

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